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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Robe shopping at Rimage Apparel

January 15th, 2010 (10:28 am)

current location: Rimage Apparel
current mood: curious

Mira always makes such lovely and unique robes. The blue that she uses is like very deep in the sea, and it’s a little rich if you could taste it. Cool and rich, and with the little gems that look like water, I feel like I’m a river walking around.

I find a perfectly wonderful dress robe with deep blue and the water gems and a deep indigo-purple trim that will be nice to have for dinners with Colin. I find my size and take it to the changing curtain.

I walk out from behind the curtain after a few minutes. Then I walk over to the mirror and look into it. The blue is dark. Mum said that I looked best in dark blue, because it makes me glow like the moon. I smile. Maybe Colin will think I glow like the moon.

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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Yuletime traditions

December 1st, 2009 (02:21 am)

current location: In the Scottish December air
current mood: curious

Last year, I thought I might stop denargling the mistletoe. I think I have come to realize that nargles don't really exist, that it is just a fancy that Daddy told me because it was in the magazine, but sometimes we believe in things we know aren't real. And it is the season to do it.

I talked with Kevin about it. He said that it's the same with Santa Claus. He meant Father Christmas, of course. He said that even when he found out that Santa Claus wasn't real, he still believed because it was magical. It wasn't the reality of him that was important, but the feeling that you got from believing in Santa Claus. All around the world, parents tell their children about Santa Claus. They don't mean to be cruel. They do it because they remember when it was magical for themselves, and they want their children to feel the magic of it, too. He said that Santa Claus became even more real to him when he had a little brother and saw the excitement in his eyes because of Santa Claus.

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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Finding a mind healer

November 8th, 2009 (07:49 pm)

current location: A park in London
current mood: curious

I received a letter from Kevin, sent with Ron's sweet tiny owl, in which he asked to meet with me soon. I wonder if he needs my ear again.

Colin agreed that a trip to London would be lovely for Tripod, so that he can play with other dogs and on even ground, since the land by the loch is so very uneven and steep. I sent Herbert to Kevin, agreeing to meet with him early on Sunday afternoon. He said that he meets with his girlfriend on Sundays, but that they would meet later.

I'm sitting on the grass by Colin's things, as Colin and Tripod play with a frisbee. The weather is cool and humid, but it is definitely warm in comparison to Scotland. I fluff my hair out a little, so that it is like a second jumper, as putting on my cloak would be too warm, and watch as I wait.

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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Photographs and Memories

October 8th, 2009 (08:51 pm)
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current mood: contemplative

I bring the tray of cocoa and biscuits into the library, where Colin is already sitting on the love seat. Tripod has his head in Colin’s lap. I smile, thinking how I would like to be on Colin’s lap.

“Here you are,” I say, handing Colin a cup of cocoa. His is a little milkier, not quite as rich, as much cocoa. Tripod sniffs at the steam and Colin says that he can’t have any.
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Luna Creevey [userpic]

A change of direction

August 29th, 2009 (09:26 am)

current mood: curious

Yes, it's definitely evident that I am not in the right place in my experience to create the lozenges. I am disappointed, that's certain. I had so wanted to help with studying and exam taking. So many wonderful students do so poorly in their exams.

My first attempt, with the Purely Educational, didn't produce what I had intended. I am a little upset that nobody told me, but that is no matter anymore. I know what it does and I'm certainly not opposed to it. The Book Ribbons I had also hoped would be used for educational aide, but aside from reading the texts aloud, I really don't know how that would help.

And now unfortunately I must admit my current defeat. It isn't to say that I won't try again later in my life, but as I am now, I know that a way is very unlikely. It is a shame, because the idea was such a good one. With so many different things you learn, it can be rather overwhelming to try to recall a specific thing among the jumble of everything else. That's why I had hoped to create an aide to pinpoint the areas of the brain where knowledge of certain subjects are stored, and to...I suppose you could say, shine the candlelight on it so that they are forthcoming of all other subjects.

Well, as I said, that will have to be for another time. Now my concern is what to do this moment. What sort of problems do people have with school? Not enough hours in the day to learn everything? There isn't a way that I can create more hours and use of Time Turners is very strictly regulated. That is why I'd wished to use the ribbons, as students lose so much sleep. And of course I would not attempt to substitute for sleep. Sleep is essential.

I'll need to talk to some people, then, to find out how I can help students.

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Plans for September

August 5th, 2009 (02:30 pm)
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current location: Loch Ness, Scotland
current mood: curious

After so very long, I have decided that the direction of my invention is fruitless, at least at this point in my life. I simply don’t have the knowledge or experience yet to accomplish something like this. I still would like to be able to help with examinations, though. I simply don’t know how yet. I never really had the problem.

I walk out of my home laboratory and close my eyes for a moment. I don’t hear anything in the house, so I think that Colin must be outside, looking out at the lake or playing with Tripod. I twirl up the stairs, both flights, and come out of the trapdoor into the hut. I can hear Tripod barking happily and smile. Colin is up hear after all.

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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Picnic talks

June 15th, 2009 (11:49 pm)

current location: A park
current mood: curious

There are so many people in the park. I think that they call it tourist season. But as there are so many parks here, and there is so much space in them, there is plenty of room to share it.

It is a shame that Tripod couldn’t come with us, but it’s a busy day for us both, so we’re having lunch just the two of us. I lay out the blanket and put a few small pillows to sit on, as Colin unpacks the food. I can hear his stomach grumbling, and can’t restrain a giggle. He does get hungry so easily. It’s a good thing, I think, that we’re raising a vegetable garden above the house.

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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Experiments with water, tea leaves, and the sun

May 10th, 2009 (09:03 pm)
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current location: Ness Keep
current mood: curious

"Do you remember," I say, carrying a tray of cinnamon biscuits into the library, "when we stayed in the cabin in California, and they had that lovely cold tea?"

He thinks back then nods. "I do. It's just been awhile."

“They said that it was made with the heat from the sun,” I muse.

"Maybe they kept the tea leaves out in the sun," he suggests.

“The leaves?” I ask, tilting my head to the side. “Do you mean the way that black tea is roasted, this is dried?”

"Maybe," he shrugs. "I don't know."

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Luna Creevey [userpic]

Speaking to a key-seeker

May 6th, 2009 (03:10 pm)

current location: Ministry of Magic
current mood: curious

I really do not liking coming down here. The only thing pleasant about the Ministry is coming to see Colin. Thankfully, when I come to renew my memory harvesting license, I may keep my wand, as is the case today.

I take the new license from the instructor and examine it, making sure that everything is correct. I should hate to be sited and sued again because of a mistake the Ministry made. The instructor makes an ugly face at my scrutinization, but I don’t care. I have never trusted the Ministry. At first it was because Daddy didn’t, and because of all the things the Quibbler said. But as I grew to know the world more, and got to know Harry, and of course during the war, I saw evil taking power and prosecuting the good. I have seen them try to manipulate the public’s eye to believe that people like Harry and Professor Lupin and Dumbledore are bad.

I know it isn’t the Ministry to which I should have an aversion, but rather those corrupt few who have turned it into a mockery of a government. I know that there are good people working here, such as Harry and Ron and Remus’ wife. Molly’s husband used to work here. And now my husband works here. There are good people in this corrupt place, and as long as they are here, I have more faith that our world won’t be completely consumed by evil.

I have checked every letter of my name, of Love Goods, of every single word. The number is correct. The date of expiration is correct. Everything seems correct to my eyes, but I’ll make sure to have Blaise doublecheck it for me.

“Thank you very much,” I say finally, putting the license into my portfolio.

The instructor just glowers and returns, “See you in three months.”

I stick my wand behind my ear and leave the room. At first, I plan to go to work and hang the license, but stop myself before I take a step. Why would I be in the Ministry and not see Colin? Of course I would see him! It is still a little time until lunch, but perhaps there’s some place I could wait here for him.

I look around me, not sure where I should go. I suppose I should go back to Love Goods while I wait for lunchtime, and I wouldn’t need to be here unnecessarily, but going there would mean coming back, and coming back would mean having to leave my wand with the wand-checkers.

Luna Creevey [userpic]

A visit from a friend

March 27th, 2009 (08:17 pm)
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current location: Love Goods
current mood: curious

I turn the page in the large book and shift the translation guide next to my knee. I couldn’t find many good brain studies in English that were still in print. There is one in Egyptian, studies done on the brains of the pharohs, which were extracted upon burial, that I would like to get hold of, but it is extremely difficult to find. I’ll need to ask Blaise if he would be able to find me a copy. I do remember the large basin of brains that we passed in the Department of Mysteries, also, and wonder if there are any published works on those studies, but I do doubt that.

This book hasn’t given me much new information. Perhaps a small fact or two, but otherwise not very much help. I will read it all, however. If it even gives me one small thing that is helpful, it will be worth the work. One cannot say they are passionate about knowledge if they don’t pursue a path because it is long and may come to a fruitless end.

It is rather laborious, however. Even through the translation, it is poorly written. Though I know I shouldn’t be, I’m glad when an origami memo wings into the library and lands on my knee, its wings pulsing slowly open and closed as it waits.

I pick up the paper butterfly and unfold it.

Mrs. Creevey,

You have a guest waiting in the lobby. Shall I send him in or will you come out to meet him?

I don’t often have guests, excepting Colin, and I know it isn’t Colin. He would come directly to the library or the laboratory. I pick up my quill and dip it into the small ink bottle beside me.

Please direct him to the library. Thank you.

And then I send it off.