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Luna Creevey [userpic]

A present for a dear friend

May 4th, 2011 (03:34 am)

current location: Love Goods
current mood: curious

It's so very wonderful working with Blaise, because it means that I can just go up to his office should I need to see him. Today I have a surprise for him, a special project I started not long after Blaise came back from visiting his African famile.

I climb up the stairs, trying hard not to jostle the surprise. When I get to his door, I switch it to one hand and knock.

Come inCollapse )

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Meeting with Ms. Nicoli

December 15th, 2010 (02:39 pm)
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current location: Love Goods
current mood: curious

I’m curious what idea this person named Arrah Nicoli has for my book ribbons. I’m intrigued, certainly, what would help people learn that wouldn’t be as dull as the text books and lectures seem to be, something that my ribbons could do.

I asked Arrah Nicoli to come to Love Goods and instructed the day receptionist to send her to the Book Ribbons showroom, which is not far from the reception lounge. It was the best place to meet, I thought, given the subject of our meeting, though Rodentia said that meeting in my office would be best. But I don’t use my office, really. I’m either inventing in my laboratory, researching in the midnight snack room, or in the book ribbon production rooms. Of course I’m never in here, either, but I don’t know Arrah Nicoli and so wouldn’t feel right about taking her to the production rooms.

I think for a moment, wondering if it would have been better to wait in the midnight snack room. There is tea, and the library does look very smart, now that there are more books. I stand and gather my things, as well as a few of the sample ribbons from the show cases, and jot a quick memo to the receptionist of my new location. Then I leave for the midnight snack room.

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Somebody has an idea

December 13th, 2010 (12:48 am)

current location: Love Goods r&d
current mood: curious

A month ago, I turned one of the rooms in the testing and development wing of Love Goods into a white room. It’s fully furnished, of course, with desk and chairs and lamp and bookshelves, but I took great care that everything in the room be without colour, even if I had to charm it that way. I also have a brown room. They’re intended for my testing the portable environments.

I told Blaise through memos where I would be and took our household bookkeeping to the white room. It’s such a shock going from the bright festive colours of the season to absolutely nothing, but that is the point. I need to set a mundane atmosphere and situation. After stirring and lighting the mixture, I set to the unpleasant task.

There’s a light knock at the door, starting me from a daze that has formed from all the numbers and Blaise pokes his head into the room cautiously. “Am I disturbing the genius at her work?” he smiles. “Might I come in for a moment?”

“Of course,” I smile, standing up. “It is nice, and it’s lovely for the holidays, but it doesn’t help the numbers be any less confusing. At least I don’t feel as frustrated anymore.”

“No?” He glances around. “Oh well. I had a bit of a question, actually.”

I look around, too. The air has a lovely green tint to it and I catch the faint scent of loam and fern. It makes me think of hunting in the forest for Yuletide mistletoe. “Do you? That’s lovely.”

“I met a witch a while back who wanted to speak with you about the book ribbons. Something about a new line of them. Shall I give you her information?”

“A new line for them?” I ask, a little confused. “You mean like making them into covers for ice or hot water bottles?”

“Er, no, I don’t think so,” he shakes his head. “The impression I got was something along the lines of a how-to manual, or something like it.”

“Well, that is…sort of what I had wanted to do with them originally, but it turned out rather dry and uninspired just reading textbooks.”

Blaise shrugs. “I’m not saying we should do it. I just told her I’d mention it to you.”

I lean my elbow on the desk and look at the ring-shaped glass vessel the solution is and sigh. “I would like them to be helpful, educational. That’s what I really wanted to do with my inventions in the first place. Perhaps it’s best to talk to her and see exactly what it is she means.”

“Alright, I’ll send you a memo telling you how to get in touch with her.”

I look up at him again and smile. “Thank you Blaise. I’m so very glad you came back to help me. I don’t think my company would have done more than make Colin worry about me.”

He waves a hand dismissivly, "You would have managed, I'm sure, a bright woman like yourself. I just happen to have a bit of experience with these matters."

"No," I sigh, "I'm quite terrible with money and business. I tried very hard, but it's a trial just keeping the books at home alone, let alone for an entire company. I really am quite grateful to you, Blaise, and to Rodentia for hiring and to Molly for managing our employees."

"That's what we're here for." Blaise smiles kindly, "To allow you the time to do you what you do best."

I reach across and hug him tightly. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome."

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Forming ideas

October 1st, 2010 (01:13 am)

current location: Love Goods
current mood: curious

Much of the time between my meeting with Professor Snape and his family was spent perfecting the first part of the potion vineagrette. In working a little bit with herbs previously, I know that my second part of the mixture can either be water-based or oil-based, both quite easily. Which I use will depend on what the first part is. Either will be fine.

Last Thursday, I finally created a successful first part. I tested it several times and it worked just as I'd wanted it to. With the list of ingredients I used and the process I used, I spent the last week researching. My talk with Professor Snape's wife I didn't find very insightful, but the texts she lent me and her selection of herbs are quite good.

Before leaving the greenhouses, I smelled every herb: flower, leaf, stem, both natural and bruised. I made notes on each and put it with the list she allowed me to copy of her greenhouse plants. Of course I plan to do more research, but what I've done so far has given me a good idea of the herbs I'd like to use in my preliminary work on the herb-based part of the potion.

I finish my order form and seal it with my own official Love Goods seal and wax. It was thought best I use it because it would make me look professional. I don't mind so much if I look that way or not, but I see how easy it is for Blaise to get what's needed and how little trouble there is when he's around. When I ran the business alone, there were so many problems that, unfortunately, returned even after Blaise took over running the business. If such a little thing like using a special seal and wax can make it easier for Blaise and my staff, then I'm certainly glad to do it.

I send the form off with a company owl and file my copy of it in my research drawer for my current active invention. Then I make my way for the Midnight Snack room to take some tea and read through a book for an upcoming ribbon.

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Searching for natural materials

August 31st, 2010 (11:03 pm)
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current location: Diagon Alley
current mood: curious

“Haven’t you anything else?” I ask, feeling a hint of desperation in my voice. I don’t often feel desperate, but it’s so hard trying to make a potion that smells like nature! It’s all stewed and smells like potions. That isn’t relaxing! It’s potions. It’s work.

“Lovey, wot I’ve got is in the bins,” the apothecary answers, shaking her head. “If you could tell me wot you wanted, per’aps I could ‘elp you.”

“If I knew what I needed, I wouldn’t very well need to be here,” I say, trying to be of calm and reasonable mind. “I order my ingredients direct, but they haven’t got what I want.”

“Wot sort are you after, then?” she asks, sighing and looking not very much like she wants to ask it.

“Something natural,” I answer. “Leaves and grasses and roots and twigs, perhaps.”

“Try a herbologist, then,” she answers, and the way she says it sounds as if she is shutting a door on me.

“Alright,” I say and turn, though I’ve no clue where I might find one.

Where does one find herbs?Collapse )

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Underthings where they're not supposed to be

July 8th, 2010 (10:52 pm)

current location: Auror's department, MoM
current mood: curious

It is lunchtime and, though I hadn’t spoken to Colin about it before leaving for work, I thought it would be nice to have lunch together. I understand that the aurors department isn’t exactly a happy place, given what he sees when he’s needed. It’s helpful and fighting evil and malintent in its own way, but it’s still hard to see those things. He does have his darkroom, though, and I’m very happy about that. His darkroom was his friend at Hogwarts, and I’m sure he appreciates it at work, too.

I decided after I got to work that I would drop by to see him, and went back home to make myself a little pretty for him, just because. I’m not working in my laboratory today, so I can wear the charm bracelet that he gave me and the necklace that Ginny gave me, and something that doesn’t cover quite as much as my working clothes normally do. It’s nice, since it’s becoming a quite warm, so the lower top is more cooling. And of course I wear one of my ties. One of the special ones, the one Colin gave me at school.

I Apparate to the Ministry and feel a little shudder when I land. I really don’t like the place, especially as I need to hand them my wand when I’m in here. It isn’t as if I can’t defend myself without it, but a wand is so personal, and other people are handling it. I frown and take my wand out of my pocket, trying not to sigh, as I walk up to the reception area.

The witch in the reception area doesn't look at all pleased to be working there. Maybe she doesn't like handling people's wands either, or she likes the Ministry as much as I. When the two people on queue in front of me are finished, I step up to the counter.

"Wand," she says dully, holding out her hand palm up.

I hand her my wand, sad that I must. If I were here for my examination for the memory harvesting license, I wouldn’t need to hand it over, but as I’m a guest to see Colin in the auror department, I know that I need to.

"Wot's your business?" the witch asks, still dully. The poor witch must talk so much, she says less and less every time.

“My business is inventing,” I tell her.

The witch narrows her eyes and purses her lips at that, and looks even less pleased than she did before. "State your Ministry business for today, Miss, or I'll have to call the super."

I frown. “Do you mean why I’m here? It isn’t for business and you’re being very rude to me, when I’ve given up my wand to you. You may be having a terrible day and you may not like your job, but that isn’t any excuse for you to try to spread it to others.”

The witch lays my wand in an odd sort of balance scales like the ones we used to use in Potions class at Hogwarts. "Now look here, your business is why you're here, Miss, er-" She looks at something on the scales. "-Er, Mrs. Creevey, and my job satisfaction is no concern of yours. Now, I cannot finish weighing and checking in your wand until I know the reason you've come."

“My business is not why I am here,” I tell her evenly. “I am here for lunch with Colin, and that has nothing to do with inventing.”

The witch looks quite impatient, even though I’m being quite clear and she’s the one speaking mistakenly. She rolls her eyes at a young wizard working next to her, and he smirks back at her.

"Alright, Mrs. Creevey, perhaps we're finally getting somewhere," she says. "You're here for lunch? With someone who works here?"

“My husband,” I answer. “He works in the auror department, Colin Creevey.” I look between them. “And if you are going to smirk, at least have a reason. The only reason you have is your poor choice of words.”

The reception witch just blinks at me but her face doesn't change, any more than it has the entire time I've been talking to her. The younger wizard goes back to his own work. But the witch does release a very deep sigh. "Colin, Creevey, Auror Department. Thank you, Mrs. Creevey. We will have your wand here for pick up as you depart, but you may be on your way.”

“Thank you,” I return politely. “May you go with truth and love.”

"I'll be sure to do that," the witch says.

I smile at her and turn for the lift. I don’t like to make people feel bad, but it seemed rather unfair of her to become upset because I was answering her question as it was asked. And especially when she thinks that I’m being stupid. Oh, that, and I suppose it is a little because I dislike the Ministry so much, and feel so edgy when I’m in here.

I enter the lift and press the floor. A covey of memos hovers by my head and I look at them. They are all so simple. Our receptionist is a bit more creative with her memos, making them into paper cranes, or butterflies, or sometimes even an eagle. But these are little paper aeroplanes.

They rustle out on every floor, and are replaced by more, but finally it’s my turn to rustle out, and I do.

Luna Creevey [userpic]

What to do and how to do it

June 16th, 2010 (03:21 am)

current location: Love Goods
current mood: curious

The first step to this sort of invention is to decide what form I wish it to manifest. Deciding that, however, lead me to eliminate forms that would not work. The two main bases for inventions are spell-based and potions-based. A potions-base affects the body or mind of the user, which I don’t wish to do as the point is not to tamper with the user’s faculties. A spell-base affects the physical form of the product, altering it in the desired manner. That won’t do, as my intentions are to create a surrounding, an environment.

The first thing to figure outCollapse )

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Searching for direction

April 20th, 2010 (10:49 pm)

current location: In my mind
current mood: curious

“Still stuck, Radish-cakes?” Daddy asks as he pulls some stubborn roots from the ground.

I kneel beside him in the earth above Ness Keep. The earth is hard from being trodden down by the thestrals, Tripod, Colin, and me. I set down the trowel and reach into it to break the clusters into soft soil. “Yes. How did Mum become inspired for her inventions?”

He rocks back onto his heels when I ask him this. “Do you know, I think it was different every time. Sometimes she was inspired when we were gardening. Sometimes it was when she looked at you. Sometimes it was while we were at the shore or planting squash or lying underneath a beech tree or eating breakfast.”

I sprinkle fish-bone meal into the soil and use the trowel to work it in. “So it wasn’t one thing she did,” I note, disappointed. I had hoped that there was some secret.

“No, it wasn’t,” he agrees.

“I just don’t know what else I can do,” I sigh. “I’ve tried lying by the brook. I’ve taken broomrides. I’ve watched people. I’ve met with friends. I’ve asked people. Nothing has worked.”

“What sort of things do you want to invent?”

“Things that help people. The Purely Educational was meant to help with studying, but that turned out to be good only for intimacy.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Daddy points out.

“No, there isn’t,” I agree, “but it didn’t help in the way I had hoped. Then I was going to do the memory ribbons for studying, as I needed them myself to hear what the professor said in class. That turned into regular books instead.”

“And that’s helpful.”

“Yes, in a different way,” I agree. “And I tried to make a lozenge for subject-specific recall, but it’s so far beyond my current abilities.”

Daddy reaches into a box with his earth-darkened hands and pulls out a small bulb. “Luna-berry,” he says contemplatively, “let me ask you a question.”


“If somebody asked you what you would like them to invent that would be helpful to you, what would your answer be?”

“Well…” I poke my finger into the earth to make a hole and drop a seed in. “Well…what would be helpful now…for me…would be something that would clear my creativity-block. But it isn’t for me,” I explain.

“Perhaps, but you aren’t the only creator in the world, my brilliant girl.”

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Tanzania love

April 1st, 2010 (08:21 pm)

current mood: curious

I came home early, hoping that just looking through pictures would help, and even if it doesn't, I do love looking at them. I take out the album with the latest pictures from our latest holiday, and sit down by the fire to look at them.

Luna Creevey [userpic]

Lunch with a school friend

February 24th, 2010 (04:13 pm)

current mood: curious

The library didn’t use to make me feel so stuffy, but as I have been spending so much time in here hoping that my researching and reading will inspire something that will work, it has started to feel more like stagnation than inspiration.

I have taken lunches out more often. Sometimes I watch people or pigeons. Today, I decide I would like to eat with a friend. Perhaps Ginny. It has been such a long time since we have eaten together.

I pull out some parchment and write up a note, which I give to one of our company owls.

Hello Ginny,

Would you like to have lunch?


It doesn't take at all to get a reply and I gently rub my finger down the birds chest then take the reply from his leg,


Oh yes. That sounds wonderful. The Leaky in 15 minutes?


I write simply on the back of the parchment, I will be there and give it back to the bird.

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