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Underthings where they're not supposed to be

July 8th, 2010 (10:52 pm)

current location: Auror's department, MoM
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It is lunchtime and, though I hadn’t spoken to Colin about it before leaving for work, I thought it would be nice to have lunch together. I understand that the aurors department isn’t exactly a happy place, given what he sees when he’s needed. It’s helpful and fighting evil and malintent in its own way, but it’s still hard to see those things. He does have his darkroom, though, and I’m very happy about that. His darkroom was his friend at Hogwarts, and I’m sure he appreciates it at work, too.

I decided after I got to work that I would drop by to see him, and went back home to make myself a little pretty for him, just because. I’m not working in my laboratory today, so I can wear the charm bracelet that he gave me and the necklace that Ginny gave me, and something that doesn’t cover quite as much as my working clothes normally do. It’s nice, since it’s becoming a quite warm, so the lower top is more cooling. And of course I wear one of my ties. One of the special ones, the one Colin gave me at school.

I Apparate to the Ministry and feel a little shudder when I land. I really don’t like the place, especially as I need to hand them my wand when I’m in here. It isn’t as if I can’t defend myself without it, but a wand is so personal, and other people are handling it. I frown and take my wand out of my pocket, trying not to sigh, as I walk up to the reception area.

The witch in the reception area doesn't look at all pleased to be working there. Maybe she doesn't like handling people's wands either, or she likes the Ministry as much as I. When the two people on queue in front of me are finished, I step up to the counter.

"Wand," she says dully, holding out her hand palm up.

I hand her my wand, sad that I must. If I were here for my examination for the memory harvesting license, I wouldn’t need to hand it over, but as I’m a guest to see Colin in the auror department, I know that I need to.

"Wot's your business?" the witch asks, still dully. The poor witch must talk so much, she says less and less every time.

“My business is inventing,” I tell her.

The witch narrows her eyes and purses her lips at that, and looks even less pleased than she did before. "State your Ministry business for today, Miss, or I'll have to call the super."

I frown. “Do you mean why I’m here? It isn’t for business and you’re being very rude to me, when I’ve given up my wand to you. You may be having a terrible day and you may not like your job, but that isn’t any excuse for you to try to spread it to others.”

The witch lays my wand in an odd sort of balance scales like the ones we used to use in Potions class at Hogwarts. "Now look here, your business is why you're here, Miss, er-" She looks at something on the scales. "-Er, Mrs. Creevey, and my job satisfaction is no concern of yours. Now, I cannot finish weighing and checking in your wand until I know the reason you've come."

“My business is not why I am here,” I tell her evenly. “I am here for lunch with Colin, and that has nothing to do with inventing.”

The witch looks quite impatient, even though I’m being quite clear and she’s the one speaking mistakenly. She rolls her eyes at a young wizard working next to her, and he smirks back at her.

"Alright, Mrs. Creevey, perhaps we're finally getting somewhere," she says. "You're here for lunch? With someone who works here?"

“My husband,” I answer. “He works in the auror department, Colin Creevey.” I look between them. “And if you are going to smirk, at least have a reason. The only reason you have is your poor choice of words.”

The reception witch just blinks at me but her face doesn't change, any more than it has the entire time I've been talking to her. The younger wizard goes back to his own work. But the witch does release a very deep sigh. "Colin, Creevey, Auror Department. Thank you, Mrs. Creevey. We will have your wand here for pick up as you depart, but you may be on your way.”

“Thank you,” I return politely. “May you go with truth and love.”

"I'll be sure to do that," the witch says.

I smile at her and turn for the lift. I don’t like to make people feel bad, but it seemed rather unfair of her to become upset because I was answering her question as it was asked. And especially when she thinks that I’m being stupid. Oh, that, and I suppose it is a little because I dislike the Ministry so much, and feel so edgy when I’m in here.

I enter the lift and press the floor. A covey of memos hovers by my head and I look at them. They are all so simple. Our receptionist is a bit more creative with her memos, making them into paper cranes, or butterflies, or sometimes even an eagle. But these are little paper aeroplanes.

They rustle out on every floor, and are replaced by more, but finally it’s my turn to rustle out, and I do.


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Posted at: July 9th, 2010 06:19 am (UTC)
Confused Luna

The large room that I step out into is a bit like the middle of a hive, with everyone busy and rushing about. It sounds a lot like a hive, with how noisy it is. Things are never this noisy at Love Goods. I know that Colin doesn’t mind the noise as much as I do, so he probably doesn’t mind this room very much.

I start toward a counter, hoping to ask where I might find Colin. A large man in red robes sees me, and starts toward me. He smooths his hand over his hair, though there isn’t any reason to. He’s done quite a good job keeping it in place with so much grease, so that his ponytail doesn’t become mussed.

He’s wearing a queer sort of smile, a little sideways, as if half his face was paralyzed. And though that is what I might’ve thought was the case, he’d been smiling perfectly normally before he saw me. I wonder why that is. It certainly is a puzzle. That sort of smile isn’t something I have ever seen before. Maybe it’s a new expression. Can people invent new expressions?

As he nears me, his expression turning more vertical and one of his eyebrows sort of wobbling, he all of a sudden starts to walk funny. It’s reminiscent of when people get their underthings stuck between their cheeks and they try to unstick it as they walk.

“So, what can we do for you today, little lady?” he asks, his voice reminding me a lot of his hair. His expression stays the same. It’s amazing that he can talk with his mouth like that. The eyebrow bounces now, more than just the wobbling. His pants must be far up and rather uncomfortable.

“I’m here to see Colin,” I explain quickly, so that he may tell me where he is, and then leave to unstick his underpants from the crack.

"Colin?" The wizard looks as if he doesn’t know about whom I’m talking. "Colin who? And what can this Colin do for you that I couldn't do better, sweetheart?"

“Colin Creevey,” I say. “And we’re going to have lunch together.”

"Colin Creevey?" he repeats. He turns and looks across the room behind him as if to check for Colin. "No, darlin', no Aurors here by the name of Colin Creevey, I can tell you that. But I'd be more than happy to help you out with whatever your...lunch needs are. In fact, I was just about to go have a bite myself."

I shake my head. “No, I’m only here to see Colin, and he isn’t an auror. He’s the photographer.”

"The photographer? Ah! Oh yes, the camera boy! He ought to be around here somewhere. Probably off stirring up another batch or two of his secret sauce. You know, I...don't mean to brag, but...I've been told I'm pretty damned good in a dark room myself." His eyebrow twitches again.

I frown at this. It isn’t just an eyebrow wobble of discomfort. It looks like it could possibly be some sort of substance irritation. “You know, only a professional should spend so much time in a dark room. The chemicals can cause peculiar reactions, so you should leave it to Colin, who knows how to handle things properly. Perhaps you should have yourself checked by a healer.”

"Oh, well, I'm a professional in a whole other sort of-"

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Posted at: July 9th, 2010 06:21 am (UTC)
Searching Luna

"Williamson!" We both hear a very loud, deep voice coming from behind the red Auror. "What in Merlin's name - what poor witch are you bothering now? Don't you have--"

I'm a little surprised to see Ron Weasley's face appear out from behind the Auror I've been talking to.

"Luna?" Ron asks. He seems surprised, too.

“Oh, hello Ron,” I say, smiling happily, suddenly remembering. “I don’t think I’ve seen you since the wedding. And I had forgotten that you work here. How are you?”

"I'm, uh - I'm good, Luna," Ron answers, smiling. "But - how are you? Did Williamson say anything to you he needs to apologize for?"

"Of course I didn't, Weasley!" the other Auror besides Ron says. "What do you take me for?"

Ron doesn't answer for a minute, but just looks at the red Auror. “You don't really want me to answer that, do you?"

I put my hand on Ron’s arm. “What might he have said that he should apologize for?”

"See there?" Williamson says in a very rude and demanding voice. "I've done nothing unprofessional, nothing at all. I should see you written up for false accusations, Weasley!"

I frown. “It was professional to remove me from my husband for lunch?” I ask. “Even if your underthings are stuck up in an uncomfortable place or you’ve used his darkroom improperly and have irritated your face with the chemicals, it isn’t any reason to be foul-tempered to my friend because he was concerned.”

Ron makes a face as if he's trying not to laugh out loud for some reason. He covers it by rubbing his hand over part of his face for a moment, but then he finally just smirks at the red Auror and shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, please notice that Luna said it was her husband Colin Creevey that she's here to see."

"Yes, well...she never said..." Williamson grumbles, obviously not swayed by my opinion on his foul temper enough to change it. He also acts as if he's trying to think of something different to say. He puts on an expression that reminds me of one of those plastic faces you can buy at the carnival. "Welcome to the Auror Department, Mrs....Creevey. I'm sorry to have troubled you." And with that, he turns on his heel and heads down the aisleway, deeper into the department.

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Posted at: July 9th, 2010 06:22 am (UTC)
Surprised Luna

Ron turns to me then. "Sorry about him, Luna. He's just - well, he sees a pretty witch and I reckon he can't help himself. Still, he's a pain in the arse for it."

“Oh? I hadn’t seen one walking in,” I say, looking around. “I suppose I must have been between them.”

Ron looks like he's trying not to roll his eyes or something, but then he speaks to me like he's trying to be very sincere. "Er...no, Luna. You weren't between the pretty witches. I meant you were the pretty witch he had his eye on." Then his ear tips go a bit red and he smiles at me a little.

“Was I?” I ask, a bit surprised. I know Colin thinks I’m pretty, but nobody else has really said it that I remember, though it doesn’t matter if nobody but Colin thinks I’m pretty, because he’s the only one I want to be pretty for. “I don’t think I like very much that he might think it.”

"Yeah, I...somehow didn't reckon you would," Ron says. "I suppose you could take it as a compliment, sorta, but - slimy as he is about things, it's kinda hard to see it that way."

“Slimy about things?” I ask, cocking my head to the side, a little confused. “Was he playing with potions ingredients?”

"No, not potions, but-" Ron frowns a little, thinking, I suppose. "The way that bloke treats witches is no better than the lowest form of creature on the life scale, you know? Simple-minded, if there is a mind, no sense of right and wrong - that sorta thing. The other thing is, it's like his one goal in life is to procreate - or well, really, to practice up on the act that creates life. See? Like pond slime."

Ron's face is getting awfully red now, for some reason, though I'm not sure why.

“Do you mean that he only talks to witches in order to have sex with them without feelings?”

"Er...yeah, that pretty much wraps up the way he treats witches in a nutshell, it does," Ron says, rolling his eyes a bit.

“Oh.” I frown and look in the direction he went. “Do you mean that he wanted to have sex with me?”

For some reason Ron looks very uncomfortable talking with me about this. "Erm..yeah, Luna. That's exactly what I mean," Ron says. "And I - well, I can't imagine you'd wanna have sex with the likes of him even if you weren't married to a great bloke like Colin."

“No, I certainly wouldn’t,” I assure him. “And I don’t like thinking that he wants that.”

"Well - exactly," he says. "And I don't think most witches like thinking that he wants that. But that's where Williamson's all crossed up. For some ruddy reason, he seems to think witches do like thinking he wants sex with them."

“Well, I certainly hope he doesn’t try to.”

"Ah - no - he'd better not as long as I'm around, anyway," Ron says, his voice still sort of hushed, but sounding like he means that. "Sometimes, when he and I have Diagon duty? I feel like I spend most of my day protecting the witches there from him, instead of watching for Dark sorts on the Alley, like I'm supposed to be doing."

“Well, that isn’t right. You shouldn’t have to,” I say with a frown. “And it means that more dark wizards could get away, all because he is indecent.”

"Good point, that," he says. "And you're absolutely right. More Dark wizards could get away, or get away with more, with us having to watch him. Too bad, really, that he's such a good Auror when he's not being such a slime. Otherwise, I reckon Moody'd be done with him right away and get rid of him."

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Posted at: July 9th, 2010 06:26 am (UTC)
Head Tilt

“I suppose that’s the way of the world,” I muse. “Talent is blind to goodness or evil. We could wish all we want for only the deserving to be gifted, but it would do no good.”

Ron doesn't say anything for a minute, but he does look rather thoughtful. "Hmm. Yeah, never looked at it that way before, but I reckon you're right. Suppose that does kind of explain how some of us Aurors can be both glad that the likes of Williamson has our back in fight at the same time we know what a pain in the arse he is."

"Mm, yes, and nobody is all the way good. Some faults just show a bit larger than others. Or even block out the good things so we can't see them."

Ron makes sort of a snorting noise, like he's laughing a little, but wants to hide it. He's definitely smiling about that. "Yeah, I reckon you're right, Luna - and sometimes Williamson's faults are so big that it's hard to see anything else about him - even when we all know there are good parts there. A few, anyway."

“At least there are good parts,” I add. Ron is right; it is hard to see anything else about him, not that I know what he wanted.

"Yeah. Somewhere in there," Ron agrees. "But speaking of good parts, reckon you came to see somebody whose good parts you're loads fonder of, yeah? And who probably has loads more good parts, besides."

“Hmm?” I ask, confused.

"I was, erm, talking about Colin. You know - your husband." Now Ron looks a little confused that I am confused. "You said you came to eat lunch with him, right?"

“Oh! Yes, I did. I think I got lost with all the parts.”

Ron's ear tips go red again, though for what reason, I have no idea. "Oh - well, uh - certainly hope that's not the case. Er, most times, I mean." He stops talking for a moment, but he looks like he wants to say something more. "Would you, erm...like me to call him up here, or did you want me to show you to his desk?"

“No, that’s alright,” I say, tilting my head to one side. “I’ve been to it before a few times. You know, if you have a fever, you should go home. You’ll get better much quicker.”

He looks at me curiously. "A fever? No, I'm feeling okay, have been pretty much all-" He stops talking and gets a sort of sheepish grimace on his face, then reaches up and pulls his red hair down over his red ears as much as he can. I'm not sure why. Since they're both red, it really makes very little difference.

“Oh,” I say, suddenly remembering. “You’re embarrassed. I forgot that your ears did that when you’re embarrassed.”

"Er...yeah," he says rather stiffly. "Reckon so. That's, uh...what they do." Then Ron shrugs like he's apologizing.

“Well, why would you be embarrassed?”

"You know, I was, erm - " Ron pauses for a little. "Ya know, now I'm not so sure, really. Reckon it had something to do with parts, if I remember."

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Colin's shirt

“Parts?” I look up at the ceiling. “Why would parts make you feel embarrassed?”

"Good question, that." Ron looks like he's thinking. "Maybe if I only think of, say...desk parts, or phonograph parts, instead of human...body parts, or some such. Maybe things'll go better then."

“Oh, like girl parts,” I finish. Colin can get embarrassed about things like that, too. “I forget people do.”

His ears go very red then, along with his face going a bit pink as well. "Er...yeah, I reckon it's talking about girl parts gets me embarrassed. Especially talking with a girl about girl parts."

“I don’t see what there is to be embarrassed about. I think it’s lovely. But I never did get embarrassed about a lot of things other people do.”

"Yeah, I...reckon I remember from school, mostly," he says. "And to be honest? I really hate that I get embarrassed, too, just...can't do anything about it, really. My ears go all hot and red all on their own, and by then it's too late."

“Why couldn’t you just not be embarrassed?” I suggest.

Looking like he's having difficulty answering my question, it takes Ron a moment. "It's - well, it's not that easy, Luna. You mean you - decide not to get embarrassed? Reckon I don't understand because, well - I don't decide to get embarrassed. It just happens."

“Well, why do you get embarrassed? I don’t because I don’t see that it’s anything wrong. I never got embarrassed in school when I did things that people would laugh at, because it wasn’t important to me whether or not I was ridiculous or not. What is the difference if I did something and people thought it was strange, or if I did the same thing and people didn’t think it was strange? It’s the same thing. If it’s something that I would do regularly and I became embarrassed, then I would be allowing them to make me feel ashamed for being myself. Girl parts are nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is a boy thinking about girl parts. It’s part of why they’re there. We’re all human and we all think about them.”

Ron looks a bit perplexed. Or something. "Well yeah, I reckon we all think about them, it's just...and well, I'm not as bad as I used to be about it. I mean, I hardly ever get embarrassed about my girlfriend's girl parts at all any more...just...anyone's parts I don't know personally, I reckon."

I don’t know quite what to say about it. I know some girls do mind about boys thinking about their parts. I suppose if he doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

“I expect I should find Colin now,” I say.

Ron actually looks a bit surprised. He must have been thinking very hard about why he gets embarrassed thinking about girl parts, and once I bring up Colin, he has to work to remember. "Oh. Oh yeah," he says. "You want me to walk you back to his desk? Or...you said you remember where it is, yeah?"

“I remember,” I assure him. “And I think I’m safe from the man with the wedgie.”

Ron laughs. "Yeah, I reckon you're safe now. But hey - it's been good talking to you, Luna. With you, it's always, erm...an experience. A good one, mind, but an experience."

I smile. “I’m glad I warrant being an experience.”

"I'm glad you do too, Luna," he says. "Have a good lunch with Colin, eh?"

“I always do,” I sigh, smiling.

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