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What to do and how to do it

June 16th, 2010 (03:21 am)

current location: Love Goods
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The first step to this sort of invention is to decide what form I wish it to manifest. Deciding that, however, lead me to eliminate forms that would not work. The two main bases for inventions are spell-based and potions-based. A potions-base affects the body or mind of the user, which I don’t wish to do as the point is not to tamper with the user’s faculties. A spell-base affects the physical form of the product, altering it in the desired manner. That won’t do, as my intentions are to create a surrounding, an environment.

With neither ideal for my intentions, I need to figure out how I would like an environment to be manifested. I’ve played quite a bit in the Book Ribbons studio, examining the way the charms can be formed in my mind with the precise surroundings and created in a very short amount of time. It’s such an easy task for me, as I am a conscious and powerful being, with intent. It’s the combination of my intent and my power that make it possible for me to alter any surrounding in my presence. There is no way to manufacture an object to cast a spell on a strange surrounding, as objects lack the intent. The spell affecting the object does not mean that the object has power, merely that power is being used upon it.

It’s a difficult situation, one that I’ve not found myself in before. My previous inventions’ structures were very straightforward. In search of inspirations, I took myself to lots of stores of all different kinds. Muggles have some very interesting ways to remove themselves from their current state of being. There was a store selling meditation albums, which were sounds of waterfalls or brooks or oceans or birds. There were also candles that were said to take you away to a place of serenity where you can relax. I bought one that was called Moonlight Moss. I lit it and there was a very strong smell, which didn’t smell anything like moonlight or moss to me. It smelled very unpleasant, and I was very glad I lit it in a testing room at Love Goods instead of at home.

Albums of sounds played on electronic objects, candles and incense producing smell when activated by heat or flame, coloured lights in bowls of water that they call ponds, whirring electronic objects that trickle water like a waterfall, paintings and pictures, little pots with plants, so many things that muggles make and buy and use to try to have what I want to give. So many different ways to try to relax with a peaceful surrounding, but they all are missing something.

In the very, very corner of our building is a room that has very little magical interference, and so electronic objects can be used. I learned how to use them well enough that I can activate all of the things that I bought. I set a round cushion on the floor in the center of the room. The music playing electronic object has an album with crickets chirping in it. There is a pot with a long cord that has a nub with two blades sticking out. I put that in the thing that looks like an owl’s face in a plastic plate on the wall and the pot begins to whir. I pour some water into the pot and after a moment, there is a small trickling as water burbles out of a hidden straw in the rocks and falls back to the reservoir. I light a candle that says it’s mist, but it isn’t. The cyan coloured cylinder glows from the flame. There is another basin with a cord. I stick the blades into another owl face and lights in the basin illuminate. As instructed by the packaging, I pour some water into it, and the coloured lights make the water glow, just as the pools glowed colours at our wedding.

With the ambience activated, I arrange plants and little dishes of gravel. I pick up a tiny wooden rake and drag it through the gravel to make designs. Finally, I am satisfied that things are just as they are intended to be and I sit back on my cushion.

I have read things about meditation, and at first, I had intended to try meditating in the room with all these objects and items. But the point of the invention isn’t to find serenity and sanctuary by dropping everything, but to find it while you’re trying to live your usual life, like I was. Some people don’t have the luxury that I do to go away from the desk or the laboratory to quieten and clear the mind. So I’m going to try to do Colin’s and my books while I’m in the room, to see which is the most helpful, or what sensory stimulation is the most effective or which is in need of improvement.

**hours later**

I extinguished the candles and incense long ago. The scent from them was far too strong and had started to turn my stomach. It didn’t smell like anything I’ve ever smelled before and certainly wasn’t relaxing or refreshing. Rather, it was distracting, and it wasn’t until I had sent a spell to clear the smell away before I could return to what I had been doing, though not before noting this down in my notes.

As I continued on, I noted more observations. The audio had a strain of music that played over the sounds of crickets and rustling leaves. Every once in a while, the music would draw my mind away from what I was doing. I considered turning off the sounds, but the chirping and the rustling was nice. Still, I didn’t know how to make the music go away and leave the nature sounds, so I had to turn it off anyways.

I set a charm in the corners of the room to make the sound of crickets and a light breeze in the branches of an autumn tree. It sounded very nice and serene, but a bit too loud. I weakened the charm and strengthened it until the volume was just right, not strong enough to distract and not weak enough to focus on identifying it. With those sounds working nicely, I turned off the fountain with the whining, grinding motor and added the trickling stream to the ambiance charm.

The level of light was nice. The candle’s flames had been a focal point, but having removed the candle quite a while ago, I didn’t need to worry about that. The coloured pool was nice, with the tinted light causing the air around me even to feel a bit different than just the air in a small room. I added to this a very light scent, not cloying or pungent and overpowering like the candles and incense had been, but what I recall as the smell of rain falling after a very long time without. The lightness and freshness of the smell and the tinted light of the room combined quite nicely. I noted this down.

I adjusted all the levels of the objects or spells until I had something very similar to just right. It was right enough, at least, that when I returned to the bookkeeping, I was able to do it with greater ease than I’ve managed in the past.

I set my quill down and take in a deep breath, looking around me. The glowing tint of colour in the air, the hint of a clean and natural smell, and the sounds of nature around me worked very nicely together, at least for me. I decide that this is the experience that I’d like to create, somehow.